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The Word 4U 2Day

After having received thousands of requests from our supporters and two years of investigation and planning, we decided to produce a contemporary version of The Word For Today.
In conjunction with The Message Trust, a Christian youth ministry based in Manchester, our popular devotional was adapted to appeal to the younger generations in society.
The first edition of The Word 4U 2Day rolled off the press in time for August 2003 with a print run of quarter of a million copies. Since then it has increased in popularity and attracts a wide range of ages.
Here at UCB we have been strengthening our internal infrastructures and systems to respond quickly to the surge in growth that happens as we increase our distribution. We are confident that thousands more people will find faith in Jesus Christ through reading this inspiring devotional and turning their lives over to Him.
Our heart's desire is to allow every generation the chance to hear and read about Jesus Christ, the Son of God and to help them make a conscious decision to follow Him.