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UCB Advocates

Have you ever thought you would like to help UCB Ireland in your local community or Church in some way?
Becoming a UCB Advocate can be a real opportunity to do that.   You would be  our contact person in your area and ensure that your church, hospital,  or other approved ministry has a constant supply of The Word for Today or other information about UCB Ireland. 


As a UCB Advocate you can:
  • Introduce your friends, neighbours and members of your church to The Word for Today
  • Tell them about the ministry of UCB Ireland and how they can listen to UCB Ireland on satellite, 
    the Internet and on the iPhone
  • Tell them about Prayerline
No training is required:
  • Any materials, such as leaflets, would be supplied by us
  • You would only need to confirm quantities required each quarter
  • Should you wish to help in others ways (eg coffee mornings to raise support), we
    would give you any assistance, but there is no obligation.